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Welcome to Hostinglly – a web hosting comparison guide you can rely on.

Our hosting comparisons are data driven and Hostinglly ranks host providers based on speed, resources and performance.

You can also post reviews of hosting companies directly on hostinglly.com that help give us all a better perspective of the different companies available to you in 2023,

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Hosting Comparison

Hostinglly web hosting comparisons will help you to quickly find fast and reliable hosting services you can afford.


Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting companies after Go Daddy. They are one of the few hosts that is actually recommended by Google.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides agencies and online businesses with managed WordPress hosting that can scale easily.

A2 Hosting

A2 offers several types of web hosting options ranging from cheaper shared hosting plans to more costly plans such as managed WordPress, VPS hosting and dedicated server solutions.

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Data Driven Insights and Personal Hosting Reviews

You can count on Hostinglly to provide you with the information you need to compare the best hosting companies and find the one that’s right.

We do this by gathering key data points on the most critical hosting factors such as speed, performance and server resources available. Choosing a web host that offers fast hosting is key for your online business success.

Hostinglly.com also allows you to post your own personal reviews of the different web hosting companies so we can create a more diverse and complete perspective to consider.

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Best Web Hosting Companies​

Hostinglly makes it easy for you to make informed decisions when choosing a hosting platform for blog, podcast or store. Find the best web hosting company at reasonable prices you can afford only on hostinglly.com

SiteGround Review


SiteGround is widely considered one of the best quality web hosts at reasonable prices.

Bluehost Web Hosting


While it might not have has many customizations as SiteGround, Bluehost packed in a full suite of web hosting services.

Liquid Web Review

Liquid Web

Liquid Web comes at a premium to Bluehost and also SiteGround, but they deliver peak hosting performance in return.

Best WordPress Hosting

Hosting WordPress websites is in high demand in 2023 as the powerful once blogging software turned internet’s favorite CMS for website development now powers over 36% of the web.

Bluehost WordPress

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WP Engine

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Why Trust Hostinglly?

Taking care of you is our top priority so you can trust Hostinglly to provide honest, fair, & objective reviews and web hosting comparison information to better inform you on your search host journey.

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Read our web hosting comparisons pages to get a head to head look at the industry’s largest & most trusted hosting service providers.

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Try Bluehost for $2.95/month

Bluehost is one of the web’s largest hosting companies and you can get Bluehost shared hosting from only $2.95 per month (billed 3 years). The basic shared hosting plan renews at $10.99/mo. Or, upgrade your website to a super-charged managed WordPress hosting plan from only $19.95/month (billed yearly). Managed hosting Bluehost plans renew at $29.99 per month.
See why Bluehost is recommended highly by WordPress.org.

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